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  • Once I place my order, how will I know when they are ready?
    I check my email throughout the day so I will notify you within 2 days either via text or email that I received your order and will contact you when its ready to be picked up. We will then coordinate the best day/time for pick up.
  • Can you ship your Energy Ballz?
    Yes. I charge a flat rate shipping fee where 12 packs can fit nicely in a box. I will notify you via text/email with your tracking order once shipped. If you order over $90 worth of product then shipping is FREE.
  • Are your Energy Ballz Gluten Free?
    Technically I cannot state they are Gluten Free due to cross contamination. However, all the ingredients I use are gluten free. The ingredients on my sleeve labels are FDA compliant in regards to listing all sub ingredients where necessary. Please make the best choice for you.
  • Is their dairy in your Energy Ballz?
    No Dairy. I use Enjoy Life chocolate chips.
  • Why do you have to refrigerate the Energy Ballz?
    Refrigeration is required to keep the coconut oil in the product cold. This gives the ballz that hardness texture and shape. If you leave them out, no big deal. Just roll them back to shape and refrigerate.
  • How long can the Energy Ballz stay good for?
    All the flavors can stay good (in regards to taste) up to 3 months. However, there are a few that can start to get a little dry after 2ish months. Nothing in the ball will necessarily go bad for up to 6 months (with refrigeration) but the overall taste due to the dryness will alter the quality a bit. Let's be honest, them ballz will not last a dang week in your fridge.
  • Can I freeze my Energy Ballz?
    Yes you can as long as you put them in a freezer safe container. Again, let's be will eat them way before its needed to freeze.
  • Can you return your order?
    I typically do not accept returns, however to keep you as a happy customer please contact me to discuss your issue and we will find a resolution.
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